About Festiplant

Festiplant streeft naar beeldschone energie op uw evenement en festival! Met de Ecoplant Container Leveling Industrial Power System heeft u een duurzame eyecatcher. Deze container kan voorzien worden van de groene stroom van de Ecoplant HEX600 en HEX3000

Festiplant strives for beautiful energy at your event and festival!

Sustainability is a global challenge. Our earth is exhausted because we take more raw materials from the earth than it can supply. Greenhouse gas emissions cause climate change which affects us all.

It is essential to change to a more sustainable world.

Festiplant offers CO2 netural energy. Use our sustainable products and make your festival visibly more environmentally aware.

Festiplant uses Ecoplant 's innovative solar techniques to make optimal use of the free solar energy. Our patented solar panel technology is very efficient and automatically moves with the sun like a beautiful flower!

What is a party without a Festiplant?

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