De Ecoplant HEX600 | Een duurzame festival oplossing op zonne-engergie

Every festival sustainable in 2023

Grant for sustainable event?
In recent years, we are becoming more and more aware of sustainability issues. These challenges often seem difficult or unachievable. Yet even as a festival or event organiser, you can do your bit by reducing your CO2 emissions using green energy, among other things.
Many municipalities and provinces in the Netherlands therefore encourage festivals to become more sustainable.

"Nijmegen, for example, subsidises event organisers to make events more sustainable" - Municipality of Nijmegen

"For organising a sustainable event, you can apply for a subsidy"-Municipality of Amsterdam

''Haarlemmermeer and Mysteryland both go for innovation and sustainability''-Municipality of Haarlemmermeer
Marja Ruigrok, Minister for Economic Affairs,

Traffic & Transport and Culture Haarlemmermeer: "Haarlemmermeer and Mysteryland are both going for innovation and sustainability. Local, green power and a mighty fine festival - that's music to Haarlemmermeer's ears!“

If you also want to become more sustainable at your festival, Festiplant offers the solution! Highly visible and green energy. Festiplant is happy to help you locally and whether your municipality also offers sustainability subsidies.


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