Duurzame festival oplossing

Ecoplant HEX3000 | Festiplant sustainable eye-catcher

May we introduce you to our Ecoplant HEX3000.
A beautiful solar plant that moves with the sun just like a flower! The sun tracing technology follows the sun from east to west resulting in optimal solar harvest.

The efficient HEX3000 shape creates easily accessible battery storage.
This model can be perfectly used for your event electronics, food trucks, E-lockers, powerbanks, LifePo4 battery, security, Wi-Fi & Led.
The beautiful Ecoplant HEXAGON 3000 fits anywhere and does not need a power connection to the grid. If you want to charge large power consumers such as electric cars, a hybrid application is recommended. Transport and installation are easy, an Ecoplant stands within 4 hours.

Ecoplants are a beautiful sustainable addition to your festival and require very little space. Naturally, the Ecoplant also fits in at various locations such as (festival) campsites and other celebrations. CO2-neutral energy available at minimum cost!

When hiring an Ecoplant, you can always count on full service and 24/7 back up from our service desk. 

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