De Ecoplant HEX3000 schittert in Curaçao met duurzame verlichting

Festival 2022

Festivak 2022

NOVEMBER 1, 2022

Last summer Festiplant took its first steps in the event industry; The success led from Brussel to Vienna and Festiplant now offers an all-in festival solution. Beautiful and highly visible solar energy combined with e-lockers, power banks for charging mobile devices, a charging station for mobility/food trucks, lighting and safety. This Dutch festival innovation works by means of a beautiful Ecoplant, an autarkic energy factory that follows the sun from east to west like a flower during the day.

Festiplant will offer festivals and other public events to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible and to radiate sustainability.

The Ecoplant generates Co2 neutral electricity and then stores this in safe LiFePo4 batteries. This makes electricity cables, expensive old-fashioned diesel generators and other equipment a thing of the past.

Festivak 2022: "A great success"

We went to this amazing fair for 2 days.
A lot of people were amazed by the Ecoplant on the roof. We received many compliments and many wanted to know more about our product.

What we noticed and what worries us is that there are so few sustainable solutions for the future. Especially since there will be a CO2 tax in 2023. That's why Festiplant is the solution in terms of sustainability.

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